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Established in 1982, Swag Inc. has served some of the top corporations’ in their respective fields such as Bombardier Aerospace, Cargill, Cessna Aircraft Company, Coleman Industries, Farm Credit, John Alden Ins., Physicians Corporation of America, Wesley Medical Center, and Rent-A-Center to name a few.


Our secret to success has been our extensive knowledge of the advertising-promotional industries products and our customer support. We help you get what you need to be successful in today’s market. Located in Wichita, Kansas, we are able to keep our prices low to meet your budget while being able to ship throughout the country with a minimal cost to our customers.


As competition increases and your team becomes overburden with additional “duties” to stay at the front of the market place. Do what the leaders in their industries have done. Find an expert, and allow them to help manage your brand and find the products you need to spread your name and message.


Through our many suppliers, we offer everything from clothing and apparel to writing utensils or gifts for clients and employee recognition programs. If you cannot find what you want or need, or do not have the time to browse our website and some of our catalogs, call us and let us do the research for you and your team.


Our goals are to give you some of your time back so you can run your business and to help you become more successful.

Want to know what SWAG really means? Drop us a note or call. We were SWAG before SWAG was cool.


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